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In Hull v. Viega, Inc., 2013 WL 759376 (D. Kan., Feb. 27, 2013), Judge Robinson found herself addressing more questions than she was able to answer. One question she did answer was the timeliness of the Defendants' Motion to Strike the class allegations. This putative class action asserted claims on behalf of owners of homes and buildings with Defendants' brass fittings, and those who had paid for repairs or damages caused by these allegedly defective brass fittings, seeking damages under various states' deceptive trade practices acts, as well as under various common law claims. Defendants raised twenty questions in their Motion to Dismiss, which the Court described as a "scorched earth approach" that was both "multi-layered" and "dismissive" in that it required the Court to independently research various nuances of Nevada law. Defendants' Reply also incorporated rulings and raised new issues from a recent order in parallel action pending in…

In this case, Judge Murguia made it clear that a plaintiff seeking to certify a FLSA class need not plead either the number of hours worked, or the amount of uncompensated overtime, so long as the complaint makes clear from the context the grounds upon which the claim rests.  Noting a split in the federal courts on this issue, Judge Murguia denied a motion to dismiss and held that Rule 8(a) was satisfied without any particular quantification so long as the complaint in issue made clear that the alleged FLSA violation was based on requiring the putative class representative and the class to perform certain tasks before and after their shifts without compensation.